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Matte Makeup Gets Its Turn as a Trend

Fun & Entertainment

Dec 31 2009

Though 2010 New Year's style is all about sequin sparkle, when it comes makeup, it's no longer time to shine.

Top makeup artists say that matte makeup is an evolving beauty trend that should be good news for people of all skin types and tones. Matte doesn't necessarily mean flat - instead think of it as sheer or satiny - and it definitely tones down any dewiness or sparkle.

"I think it's going to be a matte world pretty soon," says Avon's global color creative director Jillian Dempsey.

For this look, which can have a retro vibe, play up the eyes, she suggests. "I think this is the look that works best: matte skin with a little bit of a lined eye, some eye-shadow contrast and maybe some minimal black-brown, soft-lash look."

If you like a darker, vampier look, add a red or purple lip. A more moderate look is a smoky eye and nude matte lip. But, Dempsey warns, the matte skin will ramp up the effect of a heavily made up eye or lip exponentially.There's also a risk of a matte foundation looking cakey or a lip looking chalky, so moisturizer or lip balm always comes first.

Wacky New Year Specs Live on in 2010, Despite 1

Fun & Entertainment

Dec 27 2009

new year's eve glassesThe decade's end was supposed to finish off those wacky, year-shaped glasses favored by the reveling seas on New Years Eve in Times Square and around the world. Gone would be the convenient loops of the 1990s and the double-zero good times of the '00s.

Where was the 1 going to go? Doubters said it couldn't be done.

Well, turns out the 2010-shaped specs ain't half bad. Accommodating the 1 while making sure people can see out of the things has resulted in some semblance of symmetry, as goofy glasses go.

Warning: Absurdly Cute Holiday Animals Ahead

Fun & Entertainment

Dec 25 2009
By AOL Staff

cute puppyCute animals have been a web favourite for a while now, but 2009 was a particularly good year for fluff of the fluffy variety. This year there was so much cute that we started classifying it. Whole new genres of cute popped up, from Cute Things Falling Asleep to Cute Things in Casts. Still, we prefer a simpler version, something that harkens back to more innocent times. So here is our stocking stuffer to you: Dozens of images of the cutest holiday kittens, puppies, koalas, pandas, bunnies and more that you can imagine. Enjoy!

Movies to Watch Over the Holidays

Fun & Entertainment

Dec 25 2009
By AOL Staff

The holidays are a time for family, goodwill and some of the best that Hollywood has to offer. So why not get out of that hot holiday kitchen; out of those never-ending boxing day sale lines and into a movie theatre -- or your living room.

This season boasts a slate of buzzworthy big-screen flicks: from the family-friendly (Alvin and the Chipmunks) to the musical (Nine); to Oscar Contenders (The Lovely Bones) and romantic comedies (It's Complicated), there's something for everyone. Guy Ritchie's fiercely anticipated 'Sherlock Holmes;' and the 'Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus,' starring the late Heath Ledger, both open Dec. 25 -- perfect for a post-dinner outing. There's also a great mix of new DVD releases, so you can enjoy the best of season in the comfort of your own home.

Set the Holiday Mood With Free Christmas Music

Fun & Entertainment

Dec 24 2009
By AOL Staff

Beach Boys, Christmas HarmoniesThere's plenty of things to love of about the 'most wonderful time of the year' -- the smells, the tastes, the warm feeling of being with friends and family -- but nothing sets the holiday mood quite like some good Christmas music. So before you dive into those presents under the tree, pop on these free albums and fill the air with the sweet sounds of the season.

Glitter Can Add Magic to Holiday Crafting

Decorating/Fun & Entertainment

Dec 15 2009

For many crafters, glitter makes everything better.

It adds sparkle to even the most mundane items, especially at holiday time. Consult a few glitter fanatics and the project ideas pour out like, well, so much superfine glitter.

"Glitter can transform any item. It can completely change something old into something new," says Jessica Okui, 31, a craft blogger from the San Francisco Bay area.

Okui's next project: glittering her young daughter's dirty, white tennis shoes. She'll use fabric glue, then lock in the colorful glitter with an acrylic sealer. For the holidays, Okui has glittered origami cranes in gold and silver, and posted the images at her blog site, Zakka Life.

2009's Best Video Games for Adults

Photos & Galleries/Gift Guides/Fun & Entertainment

Dec 11 2009
By Joshua Ostroff

Point-scoring politicians may still pretend video games are just for kids, but it's been many years now that the biggest and best games have been mostly Rated M for Mature. In fact, the most recent study claims the average gamer age is 35 (which I tell my wife repeatedly). So here's a look at the finest adult-friendly games of 2009.


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